We long to see in every major college and city in North America (the USA and Canada) a thriving community of Adventists and Muslims pursuing collaboration and growth with God at the center.


AMFA exists to create a safe zone in which Adventists and Muslims could grow closer to God in preparation for the soon return of Isa al Masih. We seek to nurture strong and transparent interfaith relations and find creative ways to serve the local community.


In prayer/du’a we call for the presence of the living God to take charge of every encounter, challenge, and joint project. In prayer/du’a we also seek divine clarity as to how best to serve our local community. When we pray, we take the focus from ourselves and acknowledge our dependence on God.

At AMFA we are committed to nurturing true friendships. We actively seek to dispel lies about our faith that keep us apart; we choose trust over suspicion and transparency regarding who we are and what we believe. Our respective faiths will provide us with principles and guidance.

We seek to influence our generation to seek power rooted in love, mercy, and truth. We will not be overcome by fear but overcome fear with good. When much of the current socio-religious environment is rooted in fear, distrust, and false representations of one another, we believe wholeheartedly that God is raising people of moral courage that will speak truth compassionately, people who will always protect the dignity of one another, even when disagreeing.

We ought to avoid the temptation of simply comparing our sacred texts, for what is needed is a careful examination of what God has revealed to us with a focus on knowing who is God and how best we can live out His purpose in our lives. Such exercise, under God’s direction, has the potential to unleash a true encounter at the deepest level of our shared humanity.

Together, we will seek creatively and passionately to explore fresh solutions to community needs; and as much as possible, we will build on the resources already present in the community, and that could result in restoring dignity, identity, and broken relationships.

Core Values