Community Activities

We value our community, and the way we show that is through the numerous community activities we host. We offer programs for Muslim refugees of all ages and genders in North America with the help of our many, dedicated volunteers. 

More About AMFA

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Pillars for Health

Healthy bodies & minds are vital to happiness, long life, and good relationships. We are here to support those trying to manage their diabetes, heart disease, or weight by teaching nine, key principles to healthy living.


Once a month, refugee families, children, and volunteers in connection with AMFA gather together to spend quality time in socialization and relaxation, share a meal, and encourage each other.


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Summer School

Our summer school is provided to refugee children to help them better prepare to start school again in the fall and integrate into the community in Godly way.

Tutoring & ESL

Students in grades K-12 can take advantage of our in-home tutoring program. Our teachers are more than willing to assist in difficult subjects like math, science, and English.